absorbent laminates for

diagnostic and infectious material transport

Super absorbing performance for hazardous materials.

Gelok Superabsorbent Laminates for Diagnostic and Infectious Substance Transport utilize superabsorbent polymers that absorb many times their weight in aqueous liquids and locks them in with high holding capacity. Because liquids are locked physically by hydrogen bonding they will not be released, making the Gelok material excellent for use in the shipping of infectious and dangerous substances. 

features > benefits

Gelok superabsorbent laminates are ultra thin while being extremely absorbent, therefore requiring less absorbent media. This can reduce associated shipping costs by utilizing smaller and less bulky containers, making Gelok a cost effective solution for the shipping of infectious and other dangerous substances.

sizes & absorbencies


  • 52″ to 1.5″ (1210 to 38 mm) slit widths available
  • 28″ OD rolls with 3″ cores


  • 3″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 6″
  • 4″ x 12″


  • 100 to 1500 g/sq ft absorbency

Any industry. Any application. Gelok absorbent laminates provide a turnkey solution or work as part of your custom capture, contain and control system.

hazardous materials applications

Biohazard bags

Pneumatic tube transport

Medical packaging kits

Infectious substance shipping


technical data


Gelok 5040-72 S/S

Pad Construction / Description

An ultrathin laminate with relatively light loading of super absorbent polymer for packages with small amounts of liquid

Absorbency Rating

Typical absorption level of circa 2,500 grams per square meter of 0.9% saline solution


Gelok 11040-72 A/A

Pad Construction / Description

A medium absorbency laminate constructed with two layers of airlaid cellulose for additional padding and absorbency

Absorbency Rating

A medium absorbency laminate with a capacity of circa 5,500 grams per square meter of 0.9% saline solution


Gelok 20040-76 S/S/S

Pad Construction / Description

A special double layer laminate with an extra high loading of super absorbent polymer for bio-hazard packages containing high levels of liquid

Absorbency Rating

A high absorbency laminate with a capacity for circa 10,000 grams per square meter of 0.9% saline solution

services for superior fluid capture, contain & control solutions


Customized Converters

• Pilot machine testing
• Research and development
• Experienced engineering/chemical staff


Technical Services

• Superabsorbent product design
• Equipment/system design
• Fully equipped laboratory
• Training and education (products and systems)
• Custom services as required


Materials Testing

• Tensile strength
• Absorption rates
• Fluid retention
• Other testing as required



• Widths from 1-1/2″ (38 mm) to 52″ (1321 mm)
• Untrimmed master roll at 54″ (1370 mm) or 50″ (1270 mm)
• 3″ (75 mm) OD core
• Standard OD 28″ (711 mm)