‘Totally’ natural absorption for soft fruits

TotalCore Airlaids for

Fruit Packaging

Absorbent TotalCore airlaid for fruit tray pads are made with all-natural cellulose fibers and tissues, making them a safe choice for packaging all kinds of soft fruit. The airlaid cores can be custom made with a wide range of thicknesses to suit the specific type of soft berries that need protection and some absorbency.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean looking packages are more appealing
  • Customized thickness to reduce bruising and shipping damage
  • TotalCore airlaids readily adapt to existing converting methods to produce the final pad


  • 36″ to 1.5″ (910 mm to 38 mm) slit widths available
  • 3″ or 6″ reel cores

Absorbencies & Thickness

  • Can be customized as required

Other Applications

  • Meat tray liners
  • Refrigerator liners
Absorbent TotalCore Airlaid for Fruit Tray Pads
Layered Diagram TotalCore Fibers Only

Any industry. Any application. TotalCore airlaid composites provide a turnkey solution for your absorbency needs.

TotalCore Airlaids

Technical Data

TotalCore Light Emboss

TotalCore 0000-70-127 S/S

Pad Construction / Description

A very low absorbency, ultra-light weight airlaid for fruit pads

TotalCore Heavy Emboss

TotalCore 0000-150-127 S/S

Pad Construction / Description

A medium absorbency, thicker airlaid that can be used with very soft fruit.

Gelok International Services

services_custom converters

Customized Converters

  • Pilot machine testing
  • Research and development
  • Experienced engineering/chemical staff

Technical Services

  • Superabsorbent product design
  • Equipment/system design
  • Fully equipped laboratory
  • Training and education (products and systems)
  • Custom services as required
Pouring Liquid onto Absorbent Pad

Materials Testing

  • Tensile strength
  • Absorption rates
  • Fluid retention
  • Other testing as required

TotalCore Airlaid Slitting

  • 36” to 1.5” (910 to 38 mm) slit widths available
  • Up to 60” OD rolls with 3″ or 6″ cores