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Gelok International appreciates your interest in our super absorbent laminates and composites, and we look forward to discussing your opportunities for integrating Gelok absorbent laminates in your products and processes.

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Gelok laminates consist of superabsorbent polymer granules (Sodium Polyacrylate) bonded between sheets of cellulose or non-woven material. The degree of absorbency is determined by the amount of polymer used in the laminate and the substrate performance characteristics can be enhanced by the use of alternative materials with a wide range of basis weights.


services for superior fluid capture, contain & control solutions


Customized Converters

• Pilot machine testing
• Research and development
• Experienced engineering/chemical staff


Technical Services

• Superabsorbent product design
• Equipment/system design
• Fully equipped laboratory
• Training and education (products and systems)
• Custom services as required


Materials Testing

• Tensile strength
• Absorption rates
• Fluid retention
• Other testing as required



• Widths from 1-1/2″ (38 mm) to 52″ (1321 mm)
• Untrimmed master roll at 54″ (1370 mm) or 50″ (1270 mm)
• 3″ (75 mm) OD core
• Standard OD 28″ (711 mm)